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Member Profile – Jenna

🔥Jenna has lost an incredible 20kg since joining Fosfit last August! 🔥

Looking for motivation? Read how she did it 🤩

I was at my heaviest at 90kg when I joined. I was studying hard at the time and making poor food choices.

I felt I owed it to myself to be healthy. I wanted to fit into my clothes comfortably, without feeling insecure about how I looked.

Im now down to 70kg, my clothes fit well and I feel great inside & out!

I enjoy running and bike riding. Running helps release the anxiety & stress that builds up, it’s a great release – I wish I’d discovered it earlier!

Tayley has created exercise programs for me along the way. She’s really motivated me and helped me shift the weight. I love how welcoming the other members are too, they’re so focused and energetic which I love. Plus everyone says hello! I’ve felt very comfortable.

Thanks Fosfit, you guys rock!!

🔶 Th

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